15 readers reflect beautifully on what ANZAC Day means to them.

Lest we forget.

Today – the 25th of April – is ANZAC Day. It’s a day where we’re all encouraged to stop and think about the sacrifices soldiers who have fought and died in wars have made.

Yesterday, we asked Mamamia readers what ANZAC Day means to them.

And the responses were so eloquent and heartfelt, we were moved to share them with all our readers.

Here are some of our favourite replies; each approaches the day from a different viewpoint but all are worth pausing to reflect on.

Take a moment to read through — and then tell us in the comments section below: “What does ANZAC Day mean to you?”

“Honouring our diggers from all wars and the sacrifices they made for us.”

– Karen

“Watching my 90-year-old grandfather march proudly. Thinking of all of his mates that we used to watch but are no longer with us and about all of the other diggers and their families.”

– Sarah

 “Dawn Service in Martin Place (in Sydney) – amazing way to start the day.”

– Linda

“ANZAC to me is honoring our brave men and women who fought so that we can today have an opinion, have a voice, and also a sad day as these very same veterans are about to be disrespected by the very government they fought for to be free.”

– Sallie-Jane

“Remembering what these young men and women went through on the front and at home, often with no thought to their future. Remembering how they were treated on their return home and how we have learned from the mistakes of the past.”

– Joni

“My great grandfather, my grandfather and my father all went to war at different times in their lives. I am very proud of them. Anzac Day is a special time to show our respect and admiration for those who make it their duty to fight for their country.”

– Susan

Respect is the first word that comes to me. I respect the fallen service men and women who put their lives first for us, the returned soldiers have seen and experience things we will never ever want to see or experience, such courage should be honored.”

– Leah 

“Remembering those who sacrificed for the good of Australia. Then men, women and children that were selfless in their contributions for the future generations.”

– Phaimee-Louise

“Remembering the sacrifices that have been made and continue to be made to ensure we get to live in the country we are so lucky to live in, and to ensure my kids will always remember as well.”

– Teresa

Amazing courage that we shall never forget.”

– Paul Lewis

“My grandfather fought at Gallipoli, my father in New Guinea, and now my son is following and is in the Army. So ANZAC Day is very personal to me.”

– Shari

“‘Lest We Forget’ is so important as over the years Australia has sent servicemen and women off to various conflicts around the world and sadly some never return. We owe it to them and their loved ones to never forget the sacrifices they made so we can live in our beautiful free nation.”

– Irene

“Remembering all the sacrifices, my very brave Grandfathers, Mum, Dad and Son made… Thank you from the bottom of my heart, so proud.”

– Anne

“ANZAC day means respect and reverence, sadness and tears, joy and relief, a complete and utter appreciation for the seriously significant sacrifice our diggers made for us, for the horrors they must have experienced, and for the peaceful lives we get 2 live now because of our soldiers’ brave hearts.”

– Nicole


– Amber

Tell us: What does ANZAC Day mean to you?