Halloween lollies: Now with Anti-Vaxx propaganda.


The National Vaccine ‘Information’ Centre in the US has decided they’ll put helpful stickers on lollies being handed out for Halloween this year.

Helpful stickers that ask people to rethink vaccinating their children.

Because the kind of ‘information’ the National Vaccine ‘Information’ Centre dishes out is actually misleading ‘information’ about the ‘dangers’ of vaccines. ‘Information’ that is actually ridiculous propaganda that has been completely disproven by any and all science.

Much like similar groups in Australia (that we won’t name because they don’t deserve it) the NVIC are nothing but fear-mongering anti-vaxxers, whose entire information platform is based on misinformation and bad science.

And now they’ve decided to target parents and kids through Halloween:

This picture was posted on the NVIC Facebook page, where, in a total win for intelligence and humanity, it was immediately bombarded with messages from people pointing out how wrong it is to disseminate incorrect and dangerous information this way.

Bottom line:

Children need to be vaccinated. Spreading anti-vaxx rhetoric results in death. Anti-Vaxxers are fear-mongering idiots.

They need to stay away from Halloween, and kids in general.

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