Really smart guy takes down idiot spouting anti-vaccination rhetoric. Awesome.


We’ve never really considered Tumblr to be a beacon of intelligent discussion and debate. To be honest, 99% of Tumblr posts have a hashtag that can somehow be traced back to One Direction, and an even higher percentage of posts are GIFs, most serving as illustrations for some sort of fan fiction.

But, this amazing Tumblr conversation that is doing the rounds on the Internet today may have just changed our minds.

It started with this ill-informed analogy, posted by an anti-vaxxer:

But then the post was seen by an immunologist. And that’s when things started to get interesting:

And more interesting:

And even MORE interesting:

Until the debate was shut down. And rationality had won.

At which point Tumblr celebrated in the only way that Tumblr knows how:

While stories like these might seen funny, they really aren’t. The rise of vaccine objectors is something that is already starting to affect the health of our communities most vulnerable members.

This story serves as a reminder of the power of knowledge in the face of ignorance, and the power of any one person to speak up and stop myths from being perpetuated.

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