Anti-depressants and birth control. What WOULDN’T you do in public?

Celebrities are odd sometimes. Or maybe they’re not. Maybe we’re the ones who are odd for over-thinking and over-analysing everything they do.

Oh look, I have splinters in my arse. Better get off that fence.

While I do, check this out. During an interview with Esquire magazine to promote her new movie Chloe, US actress Amanda Seyfriend (Mean Girls, Mama Mia, Dear John) bitched about her diet and said that all she got to eat the day before was “spinach and some seeds”. Mmmm, tasty.

And that’s not even what this post is about. It’s what happened next that was interesting.

As Anna North from Jezebel reports….

Amanda Seyfried recently complained to Esquire about her spinach-based diet  but we’re more drawn to the fact that she downed pills — birth control and, more interestingly, Lexapro — in front of her interviewer.

The diet, perhaps, is symptomatic of Seyfried’s anxiety issues; she told Esquire, “It’s intense. And sort of awful. Yesterday for lunch? Spinach. Just spinach. Spinach and some seeds.”  But more unusual is this bit:

The anxiety rises in her as she speaks, and she cracks open her purse, shakes a Lexapro into her hand. She halves it, then pops a birth-control pill from its foil pack and swallows both. “Yeah, yeah, I’m anxious,” she says. “And yes, I use birth control.”

Now, Lexapro is mainly an antidepressant, meaning it can treat anxiety disorders but not necessarily acute anxiety attacks — so interviewer Tom Chiarella’s suggestion that she popped it to quell “rising anxiety” may be a little off-base. But it’s perhaps precisely because they’re often misunderstood that it’s a little surprising to see a star taking psychoactive meds in front of a reporter. (The birth control pill is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.) Seyfried is 24 — is it possible that among the MySpaceBook generation we hear so much about, both sex and antidepressants have lost their stigma?

This raises a few interesting questions. Amanda’s personal situation aside (I don’t believe anything that happens in an interview is an accident, I have only been interviewed once for a profile like that and I freaked out about every minor detail and I’m not even an internationally famous actress), is it a good thing to be open about things like birth control and medication?

Is a blase attitude to both the best way to normalise contraception, anti-depression and anxiety? I still get embarrassed when my tampons fall out of my handbag (which they do with alarming frequency) so I’m not sure I’d be chugging back my pills in front of a stranger, let alone a stranger who is taking notes.

What are you comfortable doing in front of friends? Strangers? And what will you only do behind closed doors?

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