Hair of the day: Anna Kendrick's badass bouffant

The character I’m channeling for my Elle cover shoot probably killed her 1st husband,” Anna Kendrick announced on Twitter.

We can see what she’s talking about. There have to be a few secrets tucked away in all of that back combing.

Image via Elle Magazine

Anna Kendrick's hair was transformed into a sort of sixties-made-modern style for the shoot. The big backcombed crown was all retro-glam, but the salty texture and waves that fell around her shoulders felt decidedly 21st Century.

Doing huge hair like this may not seem super achievable at home, but it's easier than you think. The secret is a volumising cheat  tool like a hair rat to give your roots an unnatural level of lift.

These guys would also do the trick:

When Charlize Theron's Vogue cover came out, revealing that she was wearing the same white laced, black Givenchy dress as Kendrick, the all-singing, all-acting, all-awesome star tweeted:

"Oh Charlize, always borrowing my clothes and being hot and tall and blonde in them. Classic Theron."

Just when we thought we couldn't love her more.