They're both famous porn stars. So how do they make their marriage work?

We know what actors get up to during a porn shoot. We even have a pretty good idea of what happens behind the scenes. But what about when those hard working men and women head home for the day?

Sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein recently went home with a married porn-star pair in an effort to answer that very question.

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Annika Albrite and Mick Blue are what you'd call the golden couple of the porn industry, essentially the "Brangelina" of adult entertainment. They've got CVs as long as your, erm, arm and their shelves are groaning under the weight of all their trophies.

As Goldstein reported in, the couple were the first husband and wife to take home the male and female performer of the year gongs at the Adult Video News (AVN) Awards, which they did just last year.

We did it together :-). Best night of my live :-).

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Of course, it's not all glamour, awards shows and red-carpet launches. The couple are constantly having to deal with the criticism they cop from the more prudish elements of the public. “People on Instagram are the worst,” Anikka tells Goldstein. “They make comments as though because of what I do I don’t deserve to be loved or have a happy, healthy relationship.” Yet that's exactly what she has. The American beauty married 39-year-old Mick Blue in March 2014, after meeting the strapping Austrian on set the previous year. She says it's been like a fairytale ever since.


Image via Instagram/alotofbritesmiles. Even after spending a long day shooting titles like Banging Beauties and Phat Ass White Girls 12 the 27-year-old says that when she comes home all she wants to do is cuddle up to her hubby. "We are both used to it and it’s basically our lives for now and we encourage each other to excel in it and enjoy it. We will stay as long as it makes us happy," said Annika to

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Not even their desire for children will put a stop to their sky-rocketing careers.

“Just because you have a child does not mean you have to put your sexuality on hold," said Anikka. "Yes, you need to be safe and remain safe, but there is a time and place for everything and you can fit a child into your life. You don’t take your kid to work with you.


But how does one cope waving goodbye the future father/mother of their children, knowing what they will be doing that day?

For Mick, it's all about how you define cheating. "Cheating doesn't necessarily need to be sex with someone," he said. "Cheating is more if you do something that doesn't have the consent of the person you are with."

Off screen, the pair are purely monogamous and insist that their own sex life is actually pretty vanilla.

"If you have sex at home you can go at your own pace at your own times, it can be more intimate thing," said Mick. "If a camera would film this sex, the director would say it's romantic and there is a connection but they would also say, ‘where is the penetration?'."

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