Her neighbours were having rough, loud sex. So she did this.


We all know that the Internet’s sole purpose these days is to act as a place where we can post and catalogue hilarious memes and pictures. Among the most popular of those, is the Angry Letter One Person Has Written To Another Person . Especially the Angry Letter One Neighbour Has Written To Another Neighbour.

Normally we post letters like that along with a few lines saying “YEAH! Well done neighbour! You tell that other annoying person where to go!” etc etc.

But in this case, we found ourselves a little bit… well, at a loss.

The subject of the neighbourly dispute was sex. Loud sex. But – and here’s where it gets a bit unsettling – the sex wasn’t just loud it was rough. And the kids next door couldn’t help but overhear it.

Here’s the letter written to the noisy neighbour by the parents of those kids:

This is the bit that jars: “My oldest asked me what was all the noise down there and you should now know that you have been labeled a woman beater since instead of telling her what you were really doing I simply said you were beating her. It was a great opportunity to explain to her what domestic violence is.”

Um… What?

Just to clarify, the neighbour told their kids that the man in the other house was beating his wife, because that was easier than explaining rough sex.

And while it’s hard to argue with the idea that children being educated about domestic violence is a positive thing, there’s something uncomfortable about the way this played out.

Is it really easier to explain domestic violence to your kids rather than 50 Shades?

And yes, that’s a genuine question.

We’re throwing this one over to you. What do you think about the way this parent handled the situation?

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