Angelina Jolie is human. Hallelujah

Not since Janet Jackson’s nipple has a celebrity body part been so widely discussed in the media. Everybody is talking about Angelina Jolie’s leg and her leg seems to well, it’s a little bit of everywhere.

The leg shot to fame after Sunday’s Oscars red carpet (you can see the fully gallery here). It stole the show after it repeatedly crept out from the thigh-high split that ran down the side of Angelina’s daring Versace velvet gown.

And it quickly became an internet sensation

And while everyone else in the world was talking about her leg and creating memes, one writer from the US has taken a different approach in her analysis of Angelina Jolie’s limbs and the 2012 Oscars red carpet.

This comes from writer Erin Foster and we couldn’t stop laughing and nodding furiously in agreement when we read it. She writes:

Ya know why we all loved Angelina’s weird leg pose at the Oscars so much? Because the queen bitch finally did something super embarrassing. I don’t even mean ‘bitch’ in a bad way, I actually think she’s rad. She is the queen bitch cause that chick runs s**t. She’s always looking perfect and saying the right thing, and wearing elegant knee high boots while walking into a craft store with fourteen kids.

But Sunday afternoon she walked down a red carpet and on a stage, needing everyone to see her pale toned leg. The thing is, the slit in the dress was very dramatic. Just standing normally, we would have witnessed that perfect calf she was flaunting – she didn’t need to put it out there. It’s like she was worried we weren’t getting the full affect and she had to make sure we were seeing the whole leg. Angie needed to be seen. She needed to have our attention. She needed us to think her leg looked good. Isn’t that strange?

She goes on to say that always-perfect Jolie “overcompensated” and let us see her “need for approval” You only had to watch a few seconds of Oscars footage to see Angelina casually dropping her leg into conversation. “I feel bad for her,” Erin wrote. “She was only being human, like the rest of us. She was taking herself too seriously, like we all do when we want to be taken seriously.”

Yes. Bravo. She’s just like the rest of us. (Unfortunately not in the we-can-all-date-Brad-Pitt-too-kinda way).

You can read the full article here.


And just today we are running a competition in honour of Angelina’s leg,

Tell us what where you would place Angelina’s leg. Be creative. Or funny. Or just practical.

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