This man creates beautiful masterpieces - and then destroys them

Next time the kids are bored at the beach, get them on to this. No pressure.

Andres creates magic with a rake

Beach-goers in San Francisco, California, are regularly greeted with jaw-dropping masterpieces created by a local artist, Andres Amador.

Rather than creating them with a paintbrush or pencil, Andres uses a humble rake, and beaches at low tide serve as his canvases.

By simply dragging and swirling his rake through the sand, he creates large-scale murals as large as 10,000 square metres. Each artwork takes around 2 hours to complete.

Andres is quite philosophical about the limited shelf life of his artworks, which are all washed away when the tide comes in:

For me it is more about the process and less about the result ... ultimately, when it is finished, I let it go. For me the energy and draw is around the act of creation.

Then there's the aspect of impermanence that has been so valuable for me to have had the opportunity to experience in such a creative way. The only constant in this existence is impermanence. In the end our lives are about the experiences we've had, not the things we have held on to.

Check out some of Andres's magnificent works here, then head on over to his website to see and read more:

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