3 women with different skin types try Andalou Naturals' Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Face Mask.

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When I first heard about Andalou Naturals’ Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask, I thought it sounded delicious. And the nourishment I needed in my life right now.

But then I discovered that how good it sounds to eat is not, in fact, its main selling point. Instead, it’s how versatile and effective the mask is for all skin types when it comes to brightening and evening skin tone.

Andalou’s goal is to ‘deliver high-performance natural skincare’, and prides itself on ingredients that are 98 per cent nature-derived, non-GMO, vegetarian (with a large vegan offering), gluten free and cruelty free (no animal testing).

The face-saving Andalou Naturals mask which you shouldn’t eat, but your skin will love. Image: Supplied

And it doesn’t fail in its mission in this amazing-smelling, brightening mask’s contents, which include fruit stem cells, glycolic acid, vitamin C, blended with Manuka honey and organic pumpkin puree - which is rich in beta carotene and contains natural enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

I told you it sounds delicious.

We asked three Mamamia staffers with different skin types to try it out so you can see for yourself.

Ella (skin type: normal)

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For typical skin like Ella's, Andalou's Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask aims to rejuvenate the skin to maintain an even glow, by gently exfoliating dead surface skin.

So did it to do the job? Let's ask Ella.

"I really liked this mask," she says. "It had a gel-like consistency that wasn't too thick or too runny and it smelt amazing, like pumpkin spice.

"I took a look at the ingredients list and was firstly happy to see that I recognised almost all of them, and that the mask actually had cinnamon, clove and nutmeg in it, which is what made it smell so good.

"When I put it on my skin it had a nice tingly feeling, but it wasn't stingy like some other masks can be, and it also didn't leave my skin red when I took it off. It left my skin looking fresh and bright, and gave me a gorgeous glow.

"The mask also left my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and didn't dry me out like some glycolic products and masks can do for my normal-type skin. I will definitely keep using this mask, it's fantastic and it just smells so delicious."

Emily (skin type: combination/oily)

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For combination skin, Andalou’s Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask helps maintain and restore good balance of the skin by gently resurfacing for even tone and smooth texture.

The glycolic acid can help to visibly reduce the appearance of pores, often associated with combination skin types. Emily's combo skin is slightly oily - and for oily skin, this mask's glycolic acid and pumpkin AHAs help fight off congestion and excess sebum production. The Manuka honey is believed to have natural antibacterial properties known to soothe and clarify skin when it comes to blemishes.

Over to Emily to see how it worked for her skin type.

"My skin has always leant towards the oily side - especially when I wear makeup," Emily says. "I was really excited to try this mask to even out my skin type. The consistency is so smooth and light, it feels more like a gel than a mask. I even went out to get my groceries while I had it on. The smell is also a bonus with a slight hint of spiced pumpkin and honey.

"I use the mask every second day right after cleansing and before moisturising. I use a very thin layer as a little goes a long way and I always feel super fresh and hydrated right after and my skin's oil build-up significantly lessens. I love that I could see those results straight away."

Nama (skin type: dry/mature)

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Andalou Naturals Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask is great for dry skin because as dead skin builds up, it can lessen the absorption of moisturisers/serums. The mask also aims to helps to improve skin tone by resurfacing/fading surface pigmentation. Glycolic acid is one method to help soften the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

So now it's my turn to try. At my age, my face is all over the place - I never know what I’ll wake up with! It could be oily, or feel dry – who knows. I then need to decide which product I need to address my issues – so I love the fact that this mask works for different skin types – it takes all the thinking out for me.

It honestly smells so good, and the texture is creamy, without being at all heavy. It’s like a gel. It went on sort of clear on my skin, not orangey as it does on fairer skin.

I didn’t feel too much of a tingle because at my age (43), I’ve been using the active ingredients in the mask for years, so my skin recognised them. Having said that, the results were still impressive: smooth, cool skin, which absorbed my serum beautifully.

I’ll also admit that I love the price point, which is RRP $24.99 for a 50g jar. For this amount of active ingredients, Andalou Naturals Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask is absolutely value for money. Some of the glycolic masks I’ve previously bought are a lot more expensive for a lot less ingredients and results.

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