Amy Schumer manages to duck-dive the censors at the Critics Choice awards.

Amy Schumer has left broadcasters of the Critics Choice awards red-faced after they failed to censor the comedian telling live audiences she wanted to “go down” on Lily Tomlin.

Although it’s not surprising for Amy Schumer to stir up a bit of controversy and leave more than a few faces flushed, the actress decided to try her luck twice at testing the reflexes of broadcasters.

Duck-diving the censor again, Schumer accepted her award for Best Actress in a comedy at the Critics Choice awards today by opening her speech by asking, “Who wants to hear from this b*tch again?”

Because one inappropriate jibe wasn’t enough, she then proceeded to tell the audience that Lily Tomlin should have won, and that she “would love to go down” on her. Awkward.

We can’t tell if this is award speech ad-libbing in its finest form, or just another one of Schumer’s very deliberate and very calculated antics.

Luckily for Schumer and broadcasters alike, the audience took it well and Tomlin laughed it off.

Well played?

I guess?