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Amazing photos: mum gives birth outside hospital

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Baby Sienna was waiting for nobody!

Amy Beth and Joe Cavaretta were on route to the hospital for the birth of their baby with birth photographer Emily Robinson in tow. Emily was meant to take photos of the birth at the hospital but moments before Amy Beth made it into the hospital, she leaned against the wall and announced her baby was coming.

A midwife delivered the baby while husband Joe raced to find a wheelchair. He arrived back seconds after his baby was born, caught by midwife Laurie Ross-Berke.

"I did not know that I was going to have a baby on the sidewalk," the delighted mother told the Huffington Post.

"When we pulled up to the hospital, there wasn't any sort of panic — nobody thought the baby was going to come right then," Robinson said. 

Baby Sienna Grace and her parents eventually made it into the hospital and are healthy and happy.

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Emily Robinson has written about the experience on her website"It was the first time I ever saw a mother be wheeled INTO the hospital holding her new baby," Robinson wrote. "It was the fastest, most incredible, beautiful, wild birth I’ve ever had the pleasure to document."


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