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Amanda Knox has been ordered to face a retrial.
Amanda Knox has been ordered to face a retrial.




1. An Italian court has ordered Amanda Knox – the US woman who was famously acquitted of the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher in Italy – to face a retrial. Knox spent four years in jail from 2007 over the murder of Kercher until she was acquitted in October 2011. Knox’s attorney said Amanda was “upset and surprised because we thought that the case was over.” He said Amanda won’t travel to Italy for the retrial. Knox’s former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, was also ordered to stand a retrial.

2. Schapelle Corby’s sister Mercedes has reportedly been bashed in the Balinese city of Kuta. News reports suggest the 39-year-old, who lives in Bali with her husband and children, went to hospital with a broken nose after she was attacked by seven men who “tried to steal her handbag”.

3. Independent MP Bob Katter thinks the AFL’s highest paid players should receive tax breaks because they bring “joy” to fans. He said the tax cuts would compensate for the drop in salary they receive when they retire.

4. An Australian-born teenager is set to become a multi millionaire – before he’s even turned 18. Seventeen-year-old Nick D’Aloisio, who lives in London, developed an app called Summly two years ago. This week Yahoo bought that app – that summarises news stories for smart phone users – for around $30 million.


5. The former commander of Australian forces in Afghanistan has suggested returning troops could face extreme psychological problems when they return from duty. Major General John Cantwell told ABC’s 7:30 he though many of them troops would face post traumatic stress disorder when they come home. “I think it will be a tidal wave. There will be thousands of cases and I know that some of these are already starting to bombard the in-trays of people within Defence and also in Veterans’ Affairs,” he said.

6. After a whirl wind tour of Australia, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are set to return to Los Angeles this morning. Before she left, she said: “I shouldn’t put it out there, but I can see us living here one day.”



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