Amanda Holden dressed her daughter as a prostitute. And posted on Twitter.

Need a costume for a school fancy dress? How about “prostitute”…?

Amanda Holden has been slammed on Twitter and by a parenting group after she posted a photo of her nine-year-old daughter allegedly dressed as a prostitute for a school fancy dress day.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge tweeted a picture of her little girl with the caption “1990’s day at Lexi’s school today. Julia Roberts ‘Pretty Woman’.

The photo showed Lexi wearing a strapless red dress and posing next to a piano in imitation of actress Julia Roberts’ famous character Vivian – a prostitute who falls in love with a billionaire – in the 1990 hit movie Pretty Woman.

Fans are shocked at images Amanda Holden posted of her daughter dressed as a prostitute. (Via Twitter).

The image was deleted eight minutes later from her timelime after Holden, 43, received a large number of online complaints.

She later released a statement that said while her daughter was actually dressed as Cindy Crawford, her husband,  record producer Chris Hughes, mistook her for Roberts and posted the photo before realising his mistake.

Amanda Holden is a judge on reality show Britain's Got Talent. (Via Instagram).

Cathy Ranson, editor of parenting site Netmums said Holden's actions were inappropriate.

"Amanda Holden is famed for selfies, such as the recent bum flash - but posting sexualised pictures of your junior school-aged daughter is a step too far," Ms Ranson told the Daily Mail.

"Most parents wouldn't consider it appropriate to dress their daughter as a film prostitute for a school project and certainly wouldn't want to plaster the picture on the internet."

Many of Holden's followers were quick to judge Holden's clothing choice for her daughter, branding the celebrity irresponsible.

One Twitter user wrote: "@Amanda_Holden totally inappropriate. wrong on so many levels".

But others have also leapt to the famous mum's defence, posting messages of support.

"@Amanda_Holden you are an incredible mum! Your such an inspiration to all mums! xxxxxx" another Twitter user wrote.

Lexi, whose full name is Alexa, recently turned nine years old. She has a younger sister, Hollie, who is three.

Do you think Amanda Holden's costume choice for her daughter was inappropriate?

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