So, is 'high class call girl' really the perfect job for a busy mum?

This is the Sydney mother that the world is talking about today. And it’s all because of her job….

You might have heard some things about this woman today.

Maybe you watched her on TV last night.

Her name is Amanda Goff. She is an expensive escort, based in Sydney. And she’s also a  tuckshop-volunteering mum of two under-seven school kids.

During her interview on Sunday Night yesterday, Amanda told her story.

Amanda as her 'alter-ego' Samantha X.

She was a married mum with a job in magazines. Over the years she'd worked on New Idea, Prevention and In Style magazines, and appeared on various TV shows as a style and beauty commentator. A nice career, by all accounts.

But Amanda says that she used to look out of the window at work and fantasise about being in a hotel room, sipping champagne, and getting paid for something "that I was doing for free anyway."

She separated from her husband, and one day she visited a brothel on her lunch break from work, "Most of the escorts were mums. I mean one girl I worked with used to be a lawyer and gave up her job in a law firm to work in the bordello because she was sick of the racism in her law firm."

Soon she had her own clients, at $380 an hour.

Now, Amanda works for herself out of a high-end inner city apartment. She charges $800 an hour, $5000 for an overnight appointment. And claims that the service she provides to many married men is "saving marriages" and she says the hours work better as a mum than her old office job.

"[Before] my kids were always the last ones to be picked up from after care, or the first one to be dropped off, I hated doing that," Amanda says.

Amanda at home. Picture: Sunday Night.

Now, she says, "I volunteer at the school tuck-shop." Although she concedes that "Sometimes, I'm at the school assembly thinking 'I can't be too long, I've got a 10 O Clock.'...

"Quite a lot of people in my life know what I do, they have been fantastic, my community has been fantastic, my friends have been fantastic, the school mums and dads are fascinated in what I do, I want my children to grow up to be open minded non-judgemental adults."

But after last night's show, it's her confession's impact on her kids that got the most attention. But Amanda says that revealing her double life won't make her children's lives any harder than their classmates'.

"Children are teased mercilessly every day, and they don't have to have a mother working in the sex industry for it to happen," she says.

"Do you think your profession defines you as a parent? I don’t. I don’t think that because you’re a neurosurgeon you’re necessarily a good parent. I don’t think that if you are a criminal, you’re a bad parent."

Here's the statement Amanda made on Facebook after the show.

Dear all,
Thank you for watching. I just want to say a few things that were edited out on TV...Firstly, only a small percentage of my clients are married. I see men whose wives have died, disabled people, men who haven't had sex in 20 years, etc etc..
Also, my job actually involves very little sex sometimes! It's mostly companionship. I hear a lot, I see a lot, and I have compassion for a human being who is lonely, sad, depressed whatever. It is not up to me to judge him if he is married.
Regarding my children. They are very little (under 7). I have been seeing a child psychologist for a year now and speaking to her about what to tell the kids and when, and I can assure you all that they are fine and will be OK.
I appreciate all your comments.
Thank you.

So what do you think? Is Amanda's job putting her kids at risk, or has she struck on the perfect busy-mum side gig? 

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