Thursday's news in just two minutes.

This is one of the first images of 32-year-old kidnapping victim, Michelle Knight

1. The families of US kidnapping victims Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus have asked for privacy from the media after the two women returned home.

Amanda Berry returned to her sister’s home with her 6-year-old daughter and Gina De Jesus returned to her family’s home. Michele Knight is reportedly still in hospital but is “in good condition”.

2. Meanwhile, the women’s alleged captor, 52-year-old Ariel Castro has been charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. The fourth count of kidnapping relates to Berry’s 6-year-old child. As for Castro’s two brothers, police spokesperson Victor Perez said: “There is no evidence that these two individuals had any involvement.”

3. This week is National Clitoris Week. It’s the first ever National Clitoris Week and it aims to raise awareness of female genital mutilation around the world.
4. A Turkish airline has banned its female crew from wearing red and dark pink lipstick or nail polish because it “impairs visual integrity.” Turkish Airlines said it wanted to keep its crew “artless and well-groomed, with makeup in pastel tones,” but critics of the move have suggested it is a reflection of the government’s religious values.
Kyle with his mum, speaking to Nine News.

5. A boy from a QLD secondary school who reportedly threw a sandwich at the Prime Minister has denied the allegations.

Sixteen-year-old Kyle Thomson was suspended for two weeks after he allegedly threw the Vegemite sandwich at Julia Gillard when the Prime Minister was visiting his school in Logan.

Kyle told Channel 9 it was another student. “I hit the sandwich out of the kid’s hand because he threw it,” Kyle said. “There was another one, so I hit it out of his hand.”

6. When Australians head to the polls in September, they won’t just be voting for a new parliament – they’ll be voting on two referendums. Julia Gillard is set to announce on Thursday that there will be a referendum to include recognition of local governments in the Constitution. This comes on top of a referendum to amend the preamble to the Constitution, to pay tribute to the traditional Aboriginal owners of Australian land.