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The AMA has warned parents against using alternative treatments.
The AMA has warned parents against using alternative treatments.

1. The Australian Medical Association has warned parents against using alternative treatments (such as homeopathy, Chinese medicine and chiropractic) to treat their children’s illnesses. According to the AMA’s President Steve Hambleton parents could do their children more harm than good when they choose an alternative therapy to deal with a common illness like a cold.

Mr Hambleton told The Australian newspaper it was important “people using treatment are informed” and that parents should avoid treatments “informed only by anecdote or testimonial” evidence. The warning comes in the wake of reports that a chiropractor broke a five-week-old baby’s back last month.

2. Thirteen children and their school principal are dead after a suicide bomber attacked their school playground, in Northern Iraq. Roughly 80 other people, including students, were injured in the blast.


3. Disarmament has begun in Syria. The UN has confirmed that international inspectors have begun to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, as well as the machinery used in the manufacturing process of the weapons. Under the UN’s plan – endorsed by both Russia and the US – Syria’s chemical weapons will be totally destroyed by mid-2014.

4. The Sydney Roosters have won the 2013 NRL Grand Final. The chooks defeated Manly 26-18. It was their first Premiership win in 11 years.

5. A 14-year-old Australian girl competing in a talent contest has been told that she should have plastic surgery to get ahead. Shimali De Silva was competing in a Korean pop contest when she was given a consultation with a surgeon who told her: “You’re 14, but you look 30”.

Shimali told a local newspaper: “I was trying not to be affected by it, but as a 14-year-old, people tell you that the way you look is important if you want to break into this industry; that sunk in and I started tearing up.”

6. A new survey has revealed that at least 50 per cent of female GPs in Australia have been sexually harassed, but that only seven per cent have received training in how to deal with such situations. The results of the survey were published in the Medical Journal of Australia and showed that many GPs had faced situations where they’d been inappropriately touched,  asked for inappropriate examinations and been the subject of sexist remarks.

7. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping while in Bali for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. Mr Abbott and Mr Xi reportedly discussed how to better Australia’s trade relationship with China. After the meeting, Mr Abbott told the ABC: “We have a strong relationship and it’s my fervent hope we can make it even stronger in the months and years ahead.

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