How 'Aldi mum' Sam Jockel feeds her family of five for under $10 a main meal.

Mum-of-three Sam Jockel shops exclusively at Aldi and feeds her family of five for under $10 a main meal.

Jockel AKA the ‘Aldi Mum’ told Nine News she can whip up a tuna bake in 10 minutes – one that only costs $5.63 and feeds her whole family.

The Queensland mum runs the website Aldi Mum and she’s just released an e-book called ’10 meals under $10′.

Jockel says her meals often come in under budget and all include some form of protein and plenty of vegetables – but she cuts costs by buying in bulk and avoiding more expensive items like grated cheese.
“Block cheese is a lot cheaper than grated cheese. So if you just grate your own cheese you’ll save a lot of money,” she said.

Some of the other meals featured in Jockel’s e-book include creamy chicken pesto pasta, chilli con carne, and spinach and risotto lasagna.

The Aldi Mum, who says the supermarket chain financially supports her to run giveaways, makes sure her meals are calorie counted for nutrition but also tasty so her kids will actually eat them.

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“Absolutely so important to know what I am cooking, that it’s cheap, that it’s fast and that my kids are going to eat it,” she said.

Jockel says if you cooked just two of the meals from her cookbook each week, you would save a lot of money at the supermarket.

What do you think of Jockel’s recipes? Would you cook them?