Bad news for red lippie floral-frock wearers everywhere.

Alannah Hill






Alannah Hill – the founder and designer of the brand that bears her name – is stepping away from, er, Alannah Hill. She founded the clothing line over 18 years ago.

She is one of Australia’s most successful designers, and known for her girly, colourful aesthetic. Alannah Hill the person and Alannah Hill the brand are inexorably linked. Alannah Hill’s personal style clearly influences the design of the brand.

Hill released a statement yesterday morning, revealing that she had terminated her contract with Factory X. Factory X is the business that has provided financial support for the brand for the past 16 years, and will continue to manage the Alannah Hill stores across the country.

In her statement, she said:

I am deeply saddened to make this monumental decision. I was completely devoted to my label and all that it represents to girls Australia-wide.

My heart, my soul, my every little thing has been poured into creating a brand for girls who love and share my vision of ornamental, sensational and beautiful clothes.

I won’t be taking a “well-earned break”, nor will I be going on safari … My dream is to continue to create fashion that radiates joy and the power of transformation, not just in fashion but in life itself.

So, she won’t be quitting the fashion industry entirely, then.

Factory X also released a statement, in which they focussed on how the brand has developed over the years – and highlighted the fact that the line relies upon many different personalities working behind the scenes.

Principal partner and co-founder of Factory X David Heeney said:

As a brand Alannah Hill has grown over the years with a team of designers and support staff. This dedicated team is now enhanced with the appointment of a Group Creative Director with over 25 years of experience in the London fashion industry.

The success of Factory X and its multiple brands has in large been due to the collaborative approach taken towards our designing space and we have a fantastic team on board who will continue this creative vision into the future.

All the best to Alannah Hill in whichever projects she pursues in the future.

Click through the gallery below for Alannah Hill designs.