Celeb news: The Australian TV star who just bought a gun to defend her teenage son.

Australian TV personality Ajay Rochester has shocked listeners by telling Kyle and Jackie O she will buy a gun to defend her son and her home.

Rochester, 44, is currently living in Los Angeles with her 14-year-old son. Their home was broken into recently by three men, all of whom were found and arrested by the LA police force. While one man remains in jail, another has started sending explicit death threats to Rochester’s son Kai. The specifics of those messages are too awful to republish here but suffice to say they were disturbing enough to make Rochester fear for their safety.

Chatting to Kyle and Jackie O on Kiis FM, Rochester confided that she will be purchasing a gun and she is willing to “make a mess” with it. She will also be teaching Kai how to use one.

Here’s the full, shocking audio from the interview.

“I’m going to the gun range on the weekend,” Rochester said.

“I know what a .45 calibre bullet can do and that’s the kind of gun I’ll be buying and even if I miss a little bit, I’m going to make a mess and they’re not going to mess with my child. I’ve never had direct threats made against me and my child and with the full weight of the law against me, I am purchasing a hand gun and I will be sleeping with it.”

Kyle and Jackie O agreed with Rochester that arming yourself is a legitimate choice for a mother in fear.

Rochester responded with this: “You can’t explain how heightened your senses become. It’s the mother bear, and as soon as they start threatening your baby bear you just go in a different mode.”

She concluded with this warning for any potential intruders: “I’m a pretty damn fine shot, if they enter my place they are leaving full of lead.”

What do you think of Ajay Rochester’s decision to buy a gun? Would you ever do that to defend your family?

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