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Update: Former newsreader Ian Ross diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer

Ian Ross, a former newsreader on both the Seven and Nine Networks, has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. The 73-year-old has been given five months to live.

Speaking to Fairfax Media, Ross said: “I have decided that the only way to handle this friggin’ nightmare is to remain as positive about it as I possibly can and to get back to leading as ‘normal’ a life as possible.” Ross told Fairfax that he feels healthy and well, but is unsure how long his good health will last.

A child trafficking organisation has warned against the Abbott government’s adoption solution. The government’s plan is supported by adoption advocates Deborah-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman (pictured).

International child trafficking organisation warns against Australia’s plan to increase inter-country adoption

A child trafficking organisation has warned against the Abbott government’s pledge to increase Australia’s inter-country adoption, saying that it would increase the rate of child trafficking in Australia, which it believes to already be a significant problem. Netherlands-based organisation ACT (Against Child Trafficking) has estimated that dozens of Indian children were trafficked to Australia under Australia’s previous inter-country adoption agreement, which ended in 2010, and says that these cases should be resolved before a new program is established.

Arun Dohle from ACT told Fairfax Media: “I would now call for the Australian government to have a criminal investigation into how these children ended up here. They also need to assist those families who need investigations done to find out what happened to their children or for the children to find the parents.”

Scott Morrison: Boat arrivals down 80%

The Abbott government have announced that there have been no asylum seeker arrivals by boat for 36 days under their ‘Operation: Sovereign Borders’ policy. No data was given on the number of boats that have been returned to Indonesia during this period, causing escalating tension in the region.

Six killed in Egypt bomb attacks

Six people are dead after a string of four bombings in Cairo on Friday. A museum of Islamic artefacts and Egypt’s main security headquarters were partially damaged. The bombings have occurred at a time of mounting tension between the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and the military-backed government. While the Egyptian government has blamed the Brotherhood for the attacks, it has denied any link.


Court rules that Thailand vote can be delayed

Thailand’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the Electoral Commission can push back the date of the country’s election, amongst growing political protests in the region. The Yingluck government had originally scheduled the country’s national election for February 2, however, with widespread violent protests about corruption in the government, the Electoral Commission sought approval to push back the date of the election due to fears of civil unrest. Is is unclear whether the change of date will go ahead, as the change can only be made with the approval of the government.

‘Revenge Porn’ site owner charged

The owner of a notorious ‘revenge porn’ website has been charged with hacking hundreds of email accounts in order to post nude images online. 27-year-old Hunter Moore ran, a website which posted nude pictures submitted by their subjects’ former lovers. The charges relate to Moore’s practices for getting additional pictures, where he would employ hacking services to obtain images off email accounts. The person he employed, 25-year-old Charles Evens, has also been charged. Both men could face up to five years imprisonment if convicted.

Gay Aussies lead the way as New Zealand’s marriage industry booms

Australians have lead the way as New Zealand’s marriage industry blossoms as a result of its new gay marriage legislation. A total of 361 same-sex couples have been married since New Zealand’s new law came into effect, with 97 of those couples coming from Australia. Of the Aussies, 47 female couples and 50 male couples tied the knot.