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#AfterSex selfies are currently trending because shame is no longer a thing.

#AfterSex selfies are currently trending on Instagram because apparently shame is no longer a thing.

If you search the hashtag #aftersex, you’ll be faced with a lot of pictures like this:

Yeah – it’s basically just a trend where people take a selfie in the immediate moments after sexy-times.

Of course, the hashtag has already reached some icky/hilarious places, with shots like this starting to dominate:


Now, we could go on a bit of a rant about how society is falling apart and just how low can we go and social media has kicked off a moral decay and there’s just no mystery anymore and where will this end bah blah blah. But let’s be honest: All you really wanna do is see what people like the minute after getting freaky.

So we put together a collection for you:

Is #AfterSex selfies a trend you’ll be avoiding?