One of these ads has been banned. Can you guess which one?


One of these ads has been banned. Can you guess which one?

Here’s the first advertisement…

Sultry! Sexy! Advertising industry staples.

And here’s the second.

Joyful! Carefree! The second most popular facial expression employed in advertising, after sexy.

Much of a muchness, right? Not so, amigo.

The first ad (the sexy one) doesn’t fit in with industry guidelines, while the second ad (the happy one) is a-okay.

Skincare brand Ella Bache have been left a little confused after the Outdoor Media Association made their decision, and called the ruling, “one of the most curious decisions in recent advertising history”. 

Charmaine Moldrich, who is the CEO of the OMA, spoke to Mumbrella and explained the reasoning behind the decision. She agreed that, “Sometimes it’s a fine line. We felt that the image where they looked happy and in control they are empowered, but we felt that the image where they are staring down the camera they are more sexualised.”

Regardless of the reasoning, we prefer the ad where women are smiling. It’s so much lovelier to see women in advertising depicted as having a bit of personality – as opposed to having their objectification enhanced.

Now, if only Photoshop were against industry guidelines…

What do you think? Is there any real difference between the ads? Which would you rather see promoting a product?