FLUFF: Pregnancy news for one of Home and Away's favourites.

The couple pose with their 19-month-old son Johnas in New Idea.


Home & Away star Ada Nicodemou has revealed that she and her partner, restaurateur Chrys Xipolitas, are expecting their second child.

The couple say they are “overjoyed” with the surprise pregnancy, which has now passed the 12-week mark.

Nicodemou, 36, revealed the news in a New Idea interview, saying:

“You do pinch yourself, and when you have those moments when you’re tired and not feeling so great and you’re complaining about it, you think: ‘Hang on a second, this is actually a blessing!'”

The couple struggled to conceive their first child, trying for a year before eventually falling pregnant with their 19-month-old son Johnas in 2011 using IVF.

“For it to happen so quickly after we struggled for so long last time is a really nice surprise and we feel really, really lucky,” she said in the interview.

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