This pastor made a box for unwanted babies. What happened next completely overwhelmed him.

In the days before they became virtual, a dropbox was a very handy invention.

It helped us do things like return videos after hours and give back overdue library books without the shame of being quizzed by an overzealous librarian.

But nobody could have predicted that a dropbox would become the solution to caring for South Korea’s abandoned babies.

Concerned about the hundreds of babies being left to die in the street, Pastor Lee Jong-Rak initially believed that nobody would use his idea. But Pastor Lee was overwhelmed by the number of babies delivered to him.

In South Korea there is a heavy emphasis on physical perfection, so babies born with disabilities are often rejected by their families. Babies were sent Pastor Jong-Rak’s way, who were unwanted, rejected or unable to be cared for by their biological parents; they were babies who might not otherwise have survived.

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