We've been there, Hillary. This is what you can expect as a woman in the highest office.

Over in the States, Hillary Clinton has already done the leg work. According to all the polls, she’s miles ahead and basically already in the White House and THANK GOD.


The thought of a woman in the White House is absolutely terrifying some Americans. But while the USA are newbies to the concept of a woman holding the highest office in the country, us Aussies are seasoned veterans. It’s no biggie.

To prove just that, pop culture website Fusion has uploaded a video to help Hillary prepare for the flak she’s destined to cop in the male-dominated field of politics.

The video is produced by Aussie comedian Dan Ilic, Fusion’s Head of Satire (best title ever, right?). He collaborates with Aussie Youtube star Maude Garrett to bring comedic flair to what is otherwise a serious issue.

“We’ve seen first hand how a woman gets treated when she’s running a country that’s only ever been run by men.”

“Maybe tell mainstream media to photograph you doing hobbies you actually enjoy… instead of knitting.”

Julia PROBABLY liked knitting. Because women. Image credit Fusion.

It's fair to say we've learnt from experience. Remember the um... 'criticism' Julia Gillard received during her time as Prime Minister? There was the 'Ditch the Witch' fiasco. The death threats. And a plethora of other sexist rhetoric.

But then she tore through parliament in a 15 minute rampage about how sick she is of misogyny and gender bias and it was fifty shades of brilliant. Just in case you've forgotten, here is that moment from 2012...

So. Hillary. If you've got any questions, comments, feelings, qualms... feel free to direct them towards Australia. Because we've done it all before.