A woman raised by lesbian mothers is speaking out against same-sex marriage.

The ABC’s Tony Jones spoke with Katy Faust, who was raised by lesbian parents and is in Australia to lobby against same sex marriage. 

American Katy Faust was raised by her lesbian mother and her partner and she now runs a blog called asktheBigot, which is fiercely opposed to gay marriage.

She became a Christian in high school and was concerned by the plight of children.

She is in Canberra to lobby the Federal Government against gay marriage and she told Lateline why.

These are her key points:

1. She loves her lesbian mother and her partner:

“While my mother was a fantastic mother and most of what I do well as a mother myself I do because that’s how she parented me, she can’t be a father. Her partner, an incredible woman — both of these women have my heart — cannot be a father either.”

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2. She says children of gay parents are pressured into supporting them:

“There’s several children that have contacted me even since I started writing about this, saying ‘I agree with you, but I’ll never come out and speak about this publicly because my relationship with my parent is too tenuous’.”

Katy Faust. Image: ABC.

3. When she became Christian she struggled with the Bible's teachings on sexuality:

"Because there's a fierce protectiveness I think that all children have for their parents, but what I was delighted to find when I read Scripture is that God has an incredible heart for the orphan and that he's very concerned with the plight of children."

4. She says children should not have to fit into parents' 'lifestyles':

"Children have rights ... the onus needs to be on adults to conform to the rights of children rather than children fitting into an adult's lifestyle. And certainly, I don't think that homosexuals are responsible by any means for the crisis that we face in America when it comes to family structure these days. Absolutely, heterosexuals have led the way on that charge."

Tony Jones. Image: ABC.

5. Her blog was originally anonymous but she was outed by a gay blogger:

"I wouldn't be having this interview with you today, because I never intended to be involved in the legal fight, but because I was outed in the name of love and tolerance, I am talking with you today."

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