A Mamamia Medal goes to...

Tell us what you think of these ads. They’re from Target – for a new range of bras – and well, we had a bit of a ‘huzzah!’ moment when we saw them.

No advertiser is ever going to be able to absolutely represent the diverse range of women out there – that would be impossible. And we understand that. But this ad sure feels like it’s on the right track.

And that’s why we’re giving them a Mamamia Medal for Positive Portrayal of Women*.

*It’s more of a symbolic award than an actual medal. Just a way for us to say well done for portraying women who look happy and healthy and real.

(These advertisements have been removed for legal reasons.)

Mamamia contacted Target to tell the company what we thought about their ads.

In a statement, Managing Director Dene Rogers said in response: “We’re very proud of our bra fitting solutions campaign and have been heartened by the positive response to it so far. Using a diversity of women in this campaign was important to us following extensive conversations with our customers about how vital a perfectly fitting bra is to them.”

Before you point out that the image has been photoshopped, yes, it has, just like every single advertisement you see and yes that’s an enduring shame. But just like the ground-breaking Dove campaign featuring a diverse selection of ‘real’ women, that doesn’t take away from the positives of this campaign in a sea of Stepford-wife samey-ness.

And we feel it’s beneficial to the cause of promoting a healthier body image to praise every positive step made by magazines and advertisers (as well as calling them out when they cross the line).

What do you think of the ads?