Finally, a magazine with no Photoshop exists and it’s awesome.

Finally, a body-positive magazine with a No Photoshop policy.


Magazines have been slow to adapt to the changing media landscape and the co-founders of a new online magazine became so disillusioned with “how most of them fail to reflect our lives or our philosophies as women,” they started their own.

Verily’s aim is to represent women in an authentic way, including no retouching or digitally altering of images. Ever.

This is huge considering that 100 percent of the images you see in magazines and in most beauty ads are retouched.

Yes, every single image.

“Whereas other magazines artificially alter images in Photoshop to achieve the so-called ideal body type or leave a maximum of three wrinkles, Verily never alters the body or face structure of the Verily models,” the co-founders say.

“Verily is a magazine less about who you should be, and more of who you are.”

Co-founders Kara and Janet believe that the narrative used in traditional print glossies about women – how we should look and dress, how we should to date, and what should make us happy is too limiting, narrow and inauthentic to represent women today.

Considering our recent body image survey found that 80 per cent of us are unhappy with the way we look and 60 per cent of us think negatively about our appearance at least once a day, it’s easy to see how damaging it is for us women and girls (and guys) to overtly or subconsciously compare ourselves to the fake images we see.

We love their Runway to Realway story in the November/December print issue, the magazine crowd-sourced the (non-professional) models for the shoot.

And in case you forgot what happens when digitally altering images goes wrong, here’s 76 Photoshop fails:

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