This video will change your day. Seriously.

Yes, it’s Monday. And sometimes Monday is a bitch. But before we all get too carried away by our First World Problems, take a look at this extraordinarily powerful video.

It’s tipped the whole First World Problem meme on its head by getting Haitian adults and kids to read out First World Problems in a bit to remind us all that there are millions of people living in countries where the things we bitch about are, frankly, absurd when food and water are a luxury.

Take a look:

It’s called the First World Problems Anthem and its made for a charity called Water is Life.

It’s tough sometimes. Being the citizen of a developed nation AND ALL. 

Which is exactly why this video is so utterly clever.

The Huffington Post reports:

This is the first time an advertiser has attempted to eliminate, rather than promote a trending hashtag, according to a press release from DDB NY.

“DDB NY and a film crew travelled to Haiti to film a variety of locals reading aloud a series of #FirstWorldProblem tweets and providing brief commentary on the Twitter users’ “struggles.” Each resulting response video is now being tweeted to the original #FirstWorldProblems author with a simple call to action: Donate to help solve real problems.”


What first world problem do you need to rethink?

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