7 things that if invented would certainly make life easier.

” Over the past few centuries, humans have managed to provide solutions to most of the inconveniences of life.”


Life in 2013 is really quite excellent. Over the past few centuries, humans have managed to provide solutions to most of the inconveniences of life. We have text messages that self-destruct, hair straighteners that turn themselves off, and even seedless watermelon.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Garnier BB Cream. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

However, in the interest of progress, we’ve compiled a list of seven items that would make every girl’s life that little bit easier. Unfortunately, most of them don’t exist yet, so if any budding inventors are chasing inspiration for their next big project, look no further:

If there’s one handbag every woman dreams of owning, it’s the Mary Poppins bag.

1. A Mary Poppins handbag

If there’s one handbag every woman dreams of owning, it’s the Mary Poppins bag (sorry, Chanel). It’s not because Mary’s tote was particularly chic, but because it allowed her to carry all the essentials – a lamp, mirror, tape measure and coat rack – without any visible shoulder strain. Sadly, this wonderful bag and its fabulous owner are both entirely fictional.

Just imagine how much better life would be if one humble handbag held everything you could possibly need. For example, if you found yourself stuck in a downpour you could just whip out a towel, a hairdryer and a change of clothes. If you’re the indecisive type, you could carry 17 different novels to choose from at all times. And, if you ever felt the need to lug around a coat rack, you could totally do that too.

2. Key/phone summoning powers:

Until the Mary Poppins purse becomes a reality, we just have to deal with the sad reality: rifling through our handbag debris with all the elegance of a hungry ferret every time our phone rings.

Have you ever felt as though your keys and phone conspire to restrict your access to them in times of need? And that the 2-year-old receipts, sugar sachets and tangled headphones that live in your bag are all in on the joke too? Yeah, you’re not alone.

The solution? Summoning powers. Just think – with a mere extension of the hand, the item in need would fly out of its hiding place and into your palm. No more missed phone calls, and no more fear of losing a finger in the search for a rogue house key. Yup, that would make life easier.

That post text message feeling of mortification. Everyone has had it.

3. A 10-second delay on texting

Fact: mortifying autocorrects happen to food people – uh, good people. And autocorrect has a sick, sick sense of humour, only revealing its expletive-filled mischief after you hit send.

Picture a world without the abject humiliation of seeing your innocent “ducks” corrupted by the whims of autocorrect. All we need to reach this utopia is a little more time: more specifically, a ten second text delay. This would provide ample time to triple-check that super important work-related text for any inappropriate word swaps before it arrives in your boss’ inbox. Just imagine all the awkward conversations you’d avoid…

4. Unlosable bobby pins

The mass disappearance of bobby pins is one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.


As almost every girl knows, no matter how careful you are with bobby pins, those sly rascals vanish faster than you can replace them. What’s even more baffling is where they actually go when they disappear. Maybe there’s an enormous bobby pin graveyard somewhere towards the Earth’s core – and if there is, could we mine it?

The Unlosable Bobby Pin™ (I’m applying for the patent now – this could be lucrative) would be microchipped, with a built-in loyalty function rendering it incapable of straying more than three metres from its owner’s head. Guys, THIS is what technology exists for.

5. An app to inform you whether your love interest is single

Let’s be frank: dating can be tough.

It’s rare to meet someone you really share a spark with. So when you do, it would be helpful to know whether or not they’re actually single, in order to avoid having to feign nonchalance when those cruel words “my girlfriend and I…” are suddenly dropped into the conversation.

What we need is a bit of help from stage left. Surely all the magnificent mobile technology we have today can afford us a discrete, speedy and accurate method of discerning singles and non-singles? App developers, this is your time to shine…

BB Creams are the ultimate skincare/makeup multitasker.

6. Beauty products that can multitask

Although it can be fun, applying beauty products can also be ridiculously time consuming.

Putting the products on in order – wait; is it sunscreen, then moisturiser, then primer, then foundation? Or moisturiser first? – requires more concentration and time than it really should.

Thankfully, the solution to this issue already exists (pause for applause). BB Cream by Garnier is quite the little multitasker, providing sun protection, skin care and natural-looking makeup all in one. That’s right – we’re talking one product instead of three. Who would say no to that? Adding to the convenience is the new BB Eye Roll-On, which conceals dark circles and reduces puffiness. So not only can these products cut the length of your morning routine in half, they will seriously de-clutter your bathroom drawers.  They’re basically the beauty product equivalent of your most tidy, punctual friend.

7. Non-cooling tea cup

We ladies consume a lot of tea. The only thing is, we very rarely get a moment to actually drink it. There’s always something more pressing to attend to – an important phone call, a flooded laundry, a neighbourhood Beyonce sighting. As a result, desks and counters across the country are strewn with half-empty cups of cold, abandoned tea.

Of course you can brew another one, but that only takes more time. What every girl really needs is a non-cooling tea cup. Sure, thermoses already fulfil this purpose to a degree – but they’re not nearly as charming as a dainty tea cup. A consistently warm cuppa, along with a never-ending packet of Tim Tams, would be the first step towards a more productive, happy nation. You heard it here first.

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What do you need to make life easier?