One of our favourite fashion retailers is FINALLY opening its doors in Australia.

The fast fashion retailer is FINALLY opening its doors in Australia.

H&M is opening its Australian flagship store in Melbourne’s GPO building today.

And it’s cool, it’s not like we’ve been waiting around for a DECADE for them to notice us or anything.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of indulging in a H&M haul, then you’re going to need to know why we’re so excited (and not the least bit upset that) the retail giant has finally realised that Australians wear clothes too.

1. The Designer collaborations.

H&M has collaborated previously with the likes of Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Commes Des Garçons, Matthew Williamson, Sonia Rykiel, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin and even Queen Bey herself. Enough said really.


2. We get our own capsule collection, suck it rest of the world.

We don’t mean that. Okay we do. Previously we’ve had to shop the world’s H&M scraps on eBay, but not anymore.

The Swedish retailer is releasing an exclusive Australian capsule collection to coincide with the store’s launch, which, let’s be honest, could be amazing or totally cringeworthy.

3. It’s going to be huge.

It will be one of the biggest H&Ms in the world, taking over three floors and 5,000 square metres of the heritage-listed GPO building. To borrow a phrase from Ron Burgundy: Don’t act like your not impressed.

4. They’re stocking everything.

The new Aussie store will stock clothes, undies and accessories for Men, Women, Kids and Baby as well as their homewares, including cushions, towels, bedding, curtains and other things to make your pad look like a student apartment.

5. There’s gonna be cool stuff (for cheap).

Like all of this.

And this pair of heels, which will set you back a cool $35.

And if you’ve ever wanted a cat faced dress but didn’t want to spend more than $18 for it, you’re in luck.

6. They’ve agreed to improve work safety inspection standards in Bangladesh.

On a more serious side, H&M have said they want “to contribute to lasting improvements” for people working in the clothing industry in Bangladesh. H&M is already a member of the Fair Labor Association and are stepping up efforts to support social development in the long term.


Remember when Zara opened and serious fashionistas camped out overnight to be the first to get their mitts on the merch? We predict H&M will be much the same before making way to a steady stream of students, travellers and just about everyone.

What store would you like to see open up next?