The five biggest mistakes you never noticed in your favourite movies.

By the time movies reach our screens, they’re meant to be perfect. PERFECT.

Millions and millions of dollars are spent ironing out each and every little kink.

Continuity specialists are hired. Props are made, broken, then remade. Editors spend hours pining through footage to make sure what we see is pristine and polished and error-free. To make sure movie mistakes don’t happen.


In life, things don’t always go to plan.

Like when that door jumps out at you OUT OF NOWHERE? Well turns it out that happens to stormtroopers too…

Movie mistakes are the wooorst :(

Or when you catch a muggle eavesdropping on your DADA (Defence Against the Dark Arts, obviously) lesson...

Silly muggle.

This has basically ruined movies for me. Because it means HARRY POTTER ISN'T REAL.

Be honest. There was a lil' part of your brain that thought... 'just maybe'.

But no. Apparently we can't have nice things. Gah.

Have we missed any movie mistakes? Let us know in the comments below...