5 kid friendly dinners: School holiday crowd pleasers

School holidays are chaos in my house. My sister and I take turns working so we often have all six children at our homes every other day. Dinner takes on a whole new meaning. It’s about feeding a ravenous crowd who have spend the day playing HARD. They want food and they want lots of it. Carbs aren’t optional…they need bread, pasta or rice to FILL THEM UP. Then the go outside and play some more…daylight savings, what a brilliant idea.

Here are the fast, healthy and filling dinners I prep for the mob during school holidays.

Monday: Macaroni cheese with tomatoes

Macaroni cheese is such a crowd pleaser but you have to make the sauce yourself. It is so easy to do you'll wonder why you didn't make it from scratch in the first place. The beauty of macaroni cheese is that all kids love it and you can throw in any vegetable - our favourites are to stir in frozen peas, corn or green beans during the last few minutes of cooking time.

Get the recipe here.

Tuesday: Pizza faces

Two out of the six children I look after during the school holidays are the world's most fussy eaters. I'm not exaggerating. They eat around five foods and none of them are shared likes. It can be infuriating. Enter the pizza faces. A great way to get children to eat their dinner and to try new foods is to get them involved in cooking it. Pizza faces is a simple one to set up. Place all the ingredients on the table, have each child decorate their own then cook them and enjoy.

Get the recipe here.

Wednesday: Pasta bake with fish

This is the SAVIOR of all school holiday dinners and the perfect use of left over pasta. Once again, it is the perfect dish to hide fish, vegetables and anything with bubbling cheese will fuel those little bodies for more marathon trampoline jumping sessions and water fights during the school holidays.

Get the recipe here.

Thursday: Peach chicken

Peaches are in season and make a delicious replacement for apricots in traditional chicken recipes. The combination of sweet and savory flavours is so amazing. Serve with rice for a simple, quick and delicious school holidays dinner and keep a bowl of fresh peaches ready for dessert.

Get the recipe here.

Friday: Ham and corn enchiladas

One of the only foods all the children in my family will eat is anything in a wrap. Cold wraps are great for lunch but at dinnertime I'm looking to make something more hearty, filling and something that can easily be fancied up for my husband and I to love as well. Enchiladas are a great idea because they aren't as messy as tacos and you can choose so many different fillings, including this one.

Get the recipe here.

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