5 family friendly dinners: cauliflower soup, pancakes and more

Having sat through many unpleasant dinners I have now realised that the key to keeping all of my family members happy, including myself, is to keep it simple. Here are a few dishes that I serve up most weeks; my husband enjoys them, my fussy toddler enjoys them, and my constantly growing five year old enjoys them. Best of all they require only a small amount of my time and attention.

Monday: Roasted Cauliflower Soup

This soup is hearty, warming and delicious. The bacon entices my husband and the thick consistency works well for my toddler. I often roast the cauliflower the night before or during the day and then at dinner time it only takes a minute to bring it all together.

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Tuesday: Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? My kids are mad for this! The base literally takes second to make, throw on your favourite toppings and dinner is done. Make a little extra and breakfast is sorted too.

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Wednesday: Quiches

These quiches are the quickest, easiest, quiches I have made. They are very kid friendly; they will not fall apart and crumble everywhere! Serve them with a simple salad in summer or some steamed carrots and beans through winter. Delicious!

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Thursday: Baked Potatoes

When we have a frantic afternoon coming up I often pop a few potatoes into the slow cooker. At dinner time I simply top them with whatever we have lying around, the choices are endless!

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Friday: Pancakes

At the end of the week it's pancakes!! These are no ordinary pancakes; they are perhaps the most enjoyable way to have a complete meal in one tasty little bite. If you have fussy little ones at your place this is a recipe you must try out. My kids feel like it is such a treat having pancakes at dinner yet this recipe is so full of goodness you could have it every night of the week.

Get the recipe here.

I hope we have taken a little of the stress out of dinner times. If you like our style we would love you to join us on Facebook. You can further explore our kitchen creations at wholefoodsimply.com. I look forward to seeing you there.

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