5 dinners my kids love: Baked beans, lamb hotpot and more

In an ideal world, I’d cook a slab of grass fed meat, perk up some veggies in a nice olive oil, add apple cider vinegar dressing and be done with dinner.

That is ideal.

Reality is far from different.

With a daughter who is currently studying hard for her HSC, it can be hard to always please a party of opposition and maintain variety in what can seem like dinner recipe repeats.

So, to prevent re-runs of the classics – here is my menu for the working week ahead.

Monday: Home-made baked beans

Get the recipe here: Home-made baked beans

Tuesday: Slow cooked lamb hotpot

Get the recipe here: Slow cooked lamb roast

Wednesday: Buckwheat frittata with tomato and basil

Get the recipe here: Buckwheat frittata with tomato and basil

Thursday: Sweet and sour potato fries with apple cider vinegar

Get the recipe here: Sweet and sour potato fries with apple cider vinegar

Friday: Pumpkin and coconut soup

Get the recipe here: Pumpkin and coconut soup

Lee Holmes is the author of Supercharged Food Recipes for Kids, which features 90 recipes and meal solutions that not only taste delicious, but deliver the nutrients needed to help kids sustain energy levels, keep their mood up, concentrate and perform at their best.