5 amazing birthday cakes that you can actually make.

These cakes look impressive, but really aren’t that hard…

So, you want to make your child’s birthday cake yourself, do you? You want it to look amazing and taste delicious. Well, we wish you all the luck in the world…

Only kidding.

Of course we are here for you to hold your hand through this, the most ambitious of parenting goals. We all know amazing bakers in our friendship circles who always impress with the cakes they make for their kids (or secretly order from a bakery). Well, your cakes don’t have to be elaborate or intricate to impress. They just have to look awesome and taste delicious!

Here are 5 awesome birthday cake ideas that are simple and delicious.

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Like this? Try:

Now this is a cake craze we could get behind.

Make your kids a Frozen cake? You could get fined for that.