"44 things I missed while I was pregnant."

So you’re pregnant. Get ready to strike these things off the list.

Pregnancy…what a joy. Feeling that life growing inside you and the excitement of impending motherhood almost makes up for some of the things you cannot do for nine, long, very long months.

There are foods you can’t eat, exercises you can’t do and some practicalities in life become kinda awkward. You start dreaming of a day when you can bend down and touch your toes…

But that’s just the beginning.

Here are 44 things I missed while I was pregnant, and will never take for granted again:

1. Eating soft cheese.

2. Eating soft-serve ice cream.

3. Eating sushi.

4. Drinking alcohol.

Bye bye cocktails.

5. Looking down and being able to see my lady parts.

6. Looking down and being able to see my legs.

7. Being able to shave my legs.

8. Being able to bend down at Coles to get something from the bottom shelf without farting.

9. Bladder control.

10. Being able to sleep on my stomach.

11. Being able to sleep flat on my back and breathe at the same time.

Can't...quite...get the button...done up!

12. Wearing jeans.

13. Wearing heels.

14. Being able to take medication when I need it.

15. Wearing belts.

16. Spas and saunas.

17. Painting my house, just because I feel like it.

18. Changing the kitty litter (just kidding, I was happy not to have to do that).

Hmmm, this will do for grocery shopping.

19. Being able to get up off the lounge without groaning.

20. Being able to get out of bed without groaning.

21. Sitting on the floor and being able to get back up on my own.

22. Being able to do proper pushups.

23. Having normal size feet.

Angry!?! I'm not angry!

24. Being able to last an entire shopping trip without having to use the toilet seven times.

25. Being able to walk without waddling or keeping a hand on my back for support.

26. Being able to lift heavy objects on my own.

27. Vigorous exercise.

28. Deli meat.

29. My favourite sandwich of mortadella on a crusty bread roll...(see number 28).

I'm afraid this is as close as we're gonna get.

30. Being able to eat as much tuna as I like. Mercury!

31. Being able to hug people properly, without feeling like we have a basketball in between us.

32. Being able to eat my meal without my dad scrapping extra food from his plate to mine.

33. Being able to say that I'm not hungry without anyone acting like I'm being an irresponsible expectant mother.

Oh, that's what my feet look like.

34. Being able to paint my toenails.

35. Being able to cut my toenails.

36. Having a normal conversation during which I don't express fear about the upcoming birth.

37. Flirting with strangers. Not appropriate apparently.

38. Sitting close to the dining table while eating. I sort of had to sit sideways to fit and reach my plate at the same time.


39. Spin class.

40. Wearing cute bras.

41. Having normal sized boobs.

42. Being able to wear a top or dress without wearing a bra.

43. Feeling comfortable.

44. Being in control of my moods.

What do you definitely not miss about being pregnant?

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