11 genius new uses for everyday items.

Marshmallows are pretty useful little items. Did you know that eating them can soothe a sore throat?

Or that you can squish them between your toes and use them as separators when you’re painting your toe nails?

We don’t recommend eating them afterwards… unless you are desperate in which case, knock yourself out.

To find out how all sorts of everyday household objects can CHANGE YOUR LIFE* click through this Buzzfeed gallery of fantastic ideas.

It will show you why you should have nail polish handy when the mosquitoes are biting, how to use jelly crystals can make a great lip tint and that vodka can extend the life of cut flowers. For the record, vodka is also delicious in its own right and is the perfect addition to cranberry juice. See? USEFUL.

*NB: Objects may not, in fact, change your life, but click here to see more just in case.

Your turn. What tricks do you use around the house to make life just a little bit easier? Do you use everyday items in an unusual way to save money?