4 things to remember when wearing maxi skirts.


This spring, a certain style of skirt has grabbed our collective attention- the maxi.

Equal parts laid-back and feminine, the maxi is easy to wear on the weekend with a wrist full of bangles or the morning school/coffee run with strappy (but appropriately and sensibly flat) sandals.

The maxi can also take you out somewhere just a little bit fancy (and yes, we mean even more fancy than Maccas for the more expensive burger range) with a simple shoe change.

No matter what you do with it, a fitted pencil skirt WILL make you look the business nine-to-five but pulling on a relaxed, floor-sweeping skirt: pays off in the fashion appeal, comfort and versatility stakes.

Better yet, this trend is one that refuses to date. Bless it. They’ll be looking back on us from their new-fangled hovercrafts in the year 2100 and thinking “Gosh, they just got it RIGHT in 2012 didn’t they? The look was so classic. So timeless.”

So you’re keen to try this trend out for yourself, are we right? OK. Here is how fashion’s A-list is styling their  maxi skirts and maxi dresses and a few easy ways to DIY:

Now that you’re feeling fashion inspired, here are four tips to keep in mind when shopping for longer hemlines:

1. Consider your height: I’ll let you in on a short girl’s secret: too-long hemlines will only make you look shorter. Maxi skirts and dresses should just graze the top of your ankles – any longer and said skirt will feel less like a fashionable clothing choice and more like a safety hazard.

2. Cheat your waist: When wearing maxi dresses, nip in your waist at its narrowest point by buckling up a belt just under your rib-cage. This will ensure your frame isn’t overwhelmed by a loose-fitting maxi and helps to highlight hourglass silhouettes while creating the illusion of longer legs.

3. Avoid the cling: Skip suffering in multiple pairs of spanx all throughout summer and look for loose shapes and airy fabrics – they go hand-in-hand. The fabric you choose should sweep over your skin. Look for skirts and dresses made from cotton, rayon crepe or silk chiffon.

4. Try a leg split: REALLY! Opt for a single or double leg split, and as long as the skirt is loosely-fitted and cut from a light fabric (see tip #4), you won’t look anything like Angelina Jolie’s awkward pose at the 2012 Oscars.

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What what’s your verdict on the maxi skirt – will you be wearing it for summer?