BLOG: 3 killer playground outfits on a budget.


You may have kids, you may be about to have a kid or you may have no kids and have clicked on this post because you are wondering what the hell a ‘playground outfit’ is. Well, I feel that I have now sufficiently flashed my undies and cleavage to enough small children, mums, dads and nannies to tackle that one particular query.

Playground fashion – and the need for this post – is not about pitting mums against each other in a round of sartorial one-upmanship. But that does sound like a pitch for a super-fun reality TV show. And it’s not about the kids (for once). For their clothes, just go to Target or K-Mart for that – it’s the playground – they’re supposed to get dirty.

Today is about solving the fashion dilemma that is caring just enough not to wear your weetbix-stained tracksuit pants for the fifth day in a row, while also ensuring your outfit is practical enough not to give little Tommy an eyeful while swing-pushing and slippery-dipping.

And that’s actually really hard to do, especially when only one-eighth of your wardrobe still fits you post birth(s). So with that in mind I’ve put together three killer playground outfits for under $200 each (some for a whole lot less):

Coloured jeans are a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit. I love these red ones from Wrangler as the waistband is high enough (yet you can still breathe) to avoid any muffin top or coin slot scenarios.

BUY NOW: Wrangler baby cord red jeans $69.98 Sass swing top $23.97, Bonbons Elery sandals $39.98.

Before you gasp at the thought of wearing a tight singlet top, think of it as a great layering piece to add to your wardrobe this Autumn/Winter. This one from Seed is the best one I’ve found for length (especially for tall women). Throw a cardi or long-sleeved knit over the top and layer with a jersey scarf.

BUY NOW: Seed Longline singlet top $19.95, Soludos striped espadrilles $23.97, American Vintage jersey scarf $37.50, Seed Relaxed Pant $89.95.

Ballet flats are a great option for chasing after runaway toddlers and at $14.95 you could buy a whole rainbow. Riders by Lee straight (not skinny) jeans are really comfy as the denim is two-way stretch and you won’t be needing a coathanger to pull them up.

BUY NOW: Riders by Lee straight jeans $99, Seed Oversized Animal Print scarf $39.95, Bonds scoop tee $19.95, Rubi Shoes classic red point flat $14.95.

For more playground fashion inspiration take a look at our celeb gallery:

If you’ve got any fashion questions leave them in the comments below. Want to know how to wear a tricky trend or what to buy this Autumn/Winter? Ask away.

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