25 easy DIY ways to create art for your walls.


I am here today – with the help of Buzzfeed – to spread some happy-fun DIY love with all of you.

Because we all need some happiness in our lives and we don’t ALL have time to watch the FRIENDS long-weekend marathon.

Here are 25 easy, DIY ways to create some awesome art for your walls. You’re bound to see something you like in this gallery – and the best part? You can go to the shops this weekend, get some materials and MAKE IT ALL YOURSELF.

And even if DIY isn’t your thing, you can always just look at the pictures and ooh and aah over the creativity of others.

Caring is sharing.

Some people love shoes. Some people love handbags. Others have a dangerous addiction to food blogs, or golf, or collecting garden gnomes.

Me? I’m kind of dangerously obsessed with DIY. I never met a project involving photos, glitter and a staple gun that I didn’t like. My ideal world would be some kind of Martha Stewart-esque castle filled with things like jars and fabric and buttons and cardboard toilet paper rolls and GLUE. LOTS AND LOTS OF GLUE.

There would also be some kind of underground Spotlight in the basement of the Martha Stweart-esque castle, so that I could have easy (and free access). Oh, and there would be no lines with grumpy people at the front complaining about fabric thickness. Happy days.

Personally, I’m going to try the constellation art with fairy lights in image 22 next. Preeeeeetty.

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Have you ever tried DIY? What do you enjoy DIYing?