25 awesome ways to wear a scarf

iVillage readers, I stand before you with a confession: I have a serious scarf addiction. 

Sure, it's not as concerning as an addiction to, oh, I don't know, hard drugs – but it's still out of hand. Square ones, long ones, woolly ones, silky ones, printed ones, plain ones… I just. Can't. Get. Enough.

It's easy to see why. A scarf is the perfect way to juj up an otherwise plain ensemble – and you can get away with serial outfit repeating by just swapping scarves. And with winter just around the corner, a snuggly scarf is the perfect comrade to help you battle through those chilly mornings. 

But if you're anything like me, you only know one way to wear your scarf – one loop, maybe two. A sneaky knot if you're feeling creative.

This video blew me away – and judging by the number of views it's had on Youtube (over 18 million), I'm not alone. Who knew there were so many possible ways to knot a length of material? Watch this and know that your sartorial world is about to change, thanks to WendysLookbook.