The 22 best hangover cures known to (wo)man. We suspect you might need 'em today.

So… who is feeling a bit like this today?


If you are not hungover today, I take my hat off to you, because evidently you are smarter than the many of us who are really feeling it today because we decided to pour endless glasses of champagne into our faces – all in the name of “celebrating”.

Seriously, though – I hope your Christmas was all that it was supposed to be. Full of fun, smiles, swimming, prawns, pavlova and decent presents. And now, to make your Boxing Day that little bit more bearable, I bring you… the 22 best hangover cures known to man.

These have been widely crowdsourced via our genius Facebook audience, who were also wise enough to point out that a hangover is actually what happens when you are so dehydrated that your BRAIN SHRINKS and pulls away from the skull, causing headaches.

Of course, the reasonable thing would be to keep as hydrated as possible *while* drinking, but… well… what kind of person actually remembers to have a glass of water after every standard drink? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, we down a bottle of wine, destroy all our happy hormones and good choices, and welcome sadness.

So without further adieu: here are 25 of the best hangover cures which may get you through this day…

1. A swim in the ocean.

2. Greasy chips and gravy (preferably KFC chips).

3. Nurofen Plus x 2 , a double shot of what ailed you and a fry up, because – according to a commenter: “The ibuprofen will reduce the swelling on the brain, the codeine will stop the pain messages, the alcohol will reactivate the keloids in your brain and the breakfast? Well, fuck me it’s bacon!”

4. A chocolate thickshake from McDonalds.

5. A Hydralyte (preferably in icypole form just because they’re tastier).

6. A Berocca in cold water with 2 headache pills BEFORE going to bed.


7. A travel sickness tablet just before going to bed – “works every time! Haven’t had a hangover since!”

8. A frosty fruit broken up and put in a yellow Powerade.

9. A frozen Coke.

10. Miso soup – replenishes lost nutrients, detoxes and has enzymes that help calm the stomach, apparently: “In my misspent youth, we’d sit at the sushi train until we could stomach the idea of going to the bar again.”

11. Bottle of V (although it has to be in the bottle, not a can).

Sound familiar?

12. A packet of Smith’s cheese and onion chips.

13. Exercise (although only moderate exercise).

14. Sleep. (Duh.)

15. A Virgin Mary: Tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, a pinch of salt and stick of celery.

16. Paw paw.

17. Chocolate milk.

18. Coconut water.

19. A cold shower – for as long as you can possibly manage.

20. Vegemite on toast.

21. Sprite – legitimately proven by scientists to help break down acetaldehyde, a metabolite of ethanol, which causes the headaches/nausea generally associated with hangovers. Apparently, Sprite was the best of 57 beverages tested.

22. Children.

Personally? I need a swim (whether it’s in the ocean or a pool, doesn’t matter), some Panadol and as many Hydralytes as possible. The purple frozen ones = best EVER.

What’s your favourite hangover cure?