2013 a little crappy? We hear ya! But please, read on...

2013 was a challenging year for some. Here in the iVillage office many of our conversations revolved around juggling work, children, relationships, cleaning, weight, addictions to Diet Coke and sugar…

Sound familiar?

We’ve shared our parenting failures and bought each other chocolate when we’ve forgotten to organise baby sitters or forgotten to attend important school events – yes, they actually happened.

No matter what your year has been like, let’s commit to putting 2013 behind us and just say, “Thanks for the challenges”. It’s true that life is a lesson and there’s nothing stopping us from learning those lessons and making 2014 fabulous.

To start with, lets value those connections we’ve shared on our parenting journey together. The team here at iVillage is proud of how we’ve helped each other, advised each other and consoled each other when needed.

Happy 2014. We look forward to sharing in your parenting adventures.


Love Alana, Kahla, Jo and the iVillage Team xx

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