19 of the most amazing manicures (plus easy tutorials for how to do them at home).

Remember when nail art was considered tacky?

We don’t either, nor do we want to.

It’s now considered the norm to paint one of your fingernails in a different shade to all the others. And glitter, animals, neon, animated characters – nothing is considered too lowbrow.

Read on for 19 of the most amazing manicures (and how to do them yourself) on Pinterest.

enhanced-19113-1392171785-21. Neon lines – tutorial here.


2. Aztec 


6c3dede91ba27f0bbbdf729f87b9e1083. Floral & anchors 


4. Animal print –  how-to here. 96e830d908a03398a758d3ad05e8c5dc

5. Black lace – tutorial here. 503db2cc398fb856f5c8e4e0e00fcab8

6. Turquoise stripes and glitter – tutorial here. 49958f34edad197bc9e6a6d489e461e4

7. White and multi-coloured dots – details here. 7384665a05147a43e52c9c1ed0d2f0f1

8. Celestial – tutorial here. 7773373f46f0dcca7715592a6bbad2619. Multi-coloured glitter tips – details here.

nails10. Black tips – details here.


11. Floral – tutorial here. d7f7e49413b261e7d3a8fe58dcaf833d

12. Despicable Me minions – tutorial here. de0af155e768c6c9a3fb48123879cec3

13. Feathers & glitter – details here.e623564dd8b01da88c6f7c9687b34146

14. Marble nail art – tutorial here. efa79839948666364d185e6c3007daa5

15. Stripes – details here. f1b400e51fbcd55aeec0cb1358745410

16. Fox – the how-to here. fcba7d276a7e5fd6278bb928c7792353

17. Peach studs – details here.


18. Coloured geometrics –the how-to here. www.pinterest.com19. Nude and sparkles.

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