18 mantras to stop you losing your mind these school holidays.

Mantras fix everything, even school holidays.

After two decades of living a mantra-less life, I have suddenly and dramatically embraced them.

Because chocolate stopped working.

If you have no idea what a mantra is…they are quotes or sayings to help you get through tough situations. Like motherhood. Or parenting during school holidays.

I will have six kids at my house most days during these school holidays so I plan to spend most of that time keeping them entertained and the rest of the time I plan to embroider pillows all around my house with the following mantras.

You may like to write them on Post-It notes and stick them around your home or you could even type them into your phone and program them to flash up randomly throughout the day.

Because let’s be truthful: you’ll need them.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery for the mantras, and if you are on a mobile, more words of wisdom are below the image.

Do you have any parenting mantras you rely on to keep you calm and centred during the school holidays?

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