Penis Grooming, for the most important 'member' of your family

Let's face it. The penis is NOT an attractive part of the body. At best it sometimes looks… attentive but most of the time, it's a little sad.

Enter the Gentleman's Willy Care Kit.

Your man's penis just needs a little grooming and this is the kit to do it.

Customers are completely satisfied with this life-changing product.

'Master Oliver C DoubleDay' wrote, "I used to be ashamed of my willy. People used to point and yell 'What an unkept willy!' I was bullied at school. But then I bought the Gentleman's Willy Care Kit, and now, instead, people yell 'What a fantastic willy!' and all my friends think I'm really cool."

'Pippykins' commented, "Great product but had to have some of the links removed on bracelet.
mirror could benefit from more magnification…"

However, be warned that this excellent product might have some unexpected side-effects…

'Mrs Magarita' said, "I bought this for my husband as I was so tired of trying to find the pork sword beneath all the reeds… Low and behold, this kit actually worked and made his man parts so much more attractive. IT worked so well in fact, my husband became a stripper, found a stripper girlfriend. I am now husband-less and blame this kit for everything! Darn you Gentleman's Willy Care Kit!!! I want my unkempt willied husband back!"

It costs approximately $9, a small price to pay for a well-groomed appendage.

Available through Amazon, this penis grooming kit will:

  • A willy care kit for discerning gentlemen
  • Helps you keep your most treasured parts in order
  • Complete with fluffing brush, styling scissors, sprucing mirror and a classy little piece of 'evening wear'
  • Includes a presentation case to make the perfect gift
  • Case Ideal for keeping up appearances when on the move.