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Looking at baby animals is good for you – and now it's been proven by science

Researchers at the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University, have found that looking at cute baby animals gives workers a spike in productivity. The study published in scientific journal PLOS One, was split into three groups. In the first students were asked to play a game that required some fine motor coordination. In between sessions, the students were shown a card with either a picture of an adult or a baby animal. Those who viewed the baby animals performed 44 per cent better at the game.

The second group was asked to perform a visual test in which they had to find a particular numeral in a grid without pointing. In between sessions, one third of the group viewed baby animals, another third viewed adult animals and the last third viewed pictures of pleasant food. The baby animal group performed better by around 16 per cent, while the food group experienced no significant change in performance.

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