13 ingenious ways to prove the Easter Bunny exists

While Santa has elves and reindeer to help keep his magic alive, the poor Easter Bunny delivers baskets of treats that look suspiciously like the ones Mum buys at the supermarket. If your kids are starting to ask questions, take a few minutes from your egg decorating and crafting to try one of these ingenious ways to prove that the Easter Bunny does exist.

Photoshop Magic

Capture the Magic

The web site Capture the Magic of Easter lets you print photo proof that The Bunny was in your house. Here's how it works: Upload a picture of any room in your house and then choose from dozens of images, such as the Easter Bunny lifting weights (hey, he needs to stay fit!) or simply holding a basket. This site then superimposes the bunny image onto your picture so you can show the kids on Easter morning.

Write a Letter

Dina Roth Port

Take a cue from Santa and ask your kids to write "wish lists" to the Easter Bunny and mail them to a made-up address like 5322 Hop-a-long Lane. Amazingly, kids don't piece together that they also sell M&M's and Creme Eggs at Coles.

Have the Easter Bunny Call In


A few weeks before Easter, receive a "call" from the Easter Bunny. The Fake Call from the Easter Bunny app shows an incoming call from Mr. E.B. himself that you can show your kids when you "answer" the call and pretend to chat with him. ("Oh, you'll bring extra chocolates if the kids' clean their rooms?") Note that there's no one on the other end of the call, so don't let your kids grab the phone to talk. (Or have Uncle Billy on speed-dial to help out when you "call him back.")

Enlist Your Pets

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Stick a pair of bunny ears on your family pet and tell your kids that he's like an elf — he reports back to the Easter Bunny about who has been good and who has been bad. Hey, it's worth a try!

Track His Schedule

Track Easter Bunny

Okay, so he doesn't have to lug around bicycles and bags of toys like you-know-who, but that Easter Bunny does visit a lot of homes in one night. It may not be as fancy as NORAD, but with this online Bunny Tracker, you and your kids can pinpoint exactly where he is as he delivers eggs and chocolate bunnies to children across the globe.


Leave Evidence

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The movie Hop was right — he does poop jellybeans.

Add Some Colour

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Dye your milk pastel pink! Add a drop of red food colouring at breakfast time and as you're pouring some in their cereal, act surprised and say, "Now, who did this?"

Look for Clues

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Leave little tufts of cotton balls by the front door with a couple of lollies the Easter Bunny "dropped" on his way out.

Start the Day Off Sweet

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Replace some of the eggs in their basket with sugared cereal from the bunny (at least they'll eat it with milk!) Be sure to leave a note next to the picture of the "Silly Rabbit" (or any other cereal character) saying, "Enjoy a treat from my BFF!"

Get Dressed Up

Splurge and have a friend or relative ring the doorbell first thing in the morning dressed as the Easter Bunny. He can hand out the baskets, pose for a few photo ops and hop along his way. Just take a cue from characters at Disney World, and remember the "no speak" rule. Nothing ruins the magic faster than your kid saying, "How come the Easter Bunny sounds just like Grandpa?"

Take a Photo

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Plant a white stuffed rabbit (or similar toy) and stick it in your front yard so that only its legs and tail are showing. Snap a picture and say, "Look who I saw sneaking out of our house early this morning!"

Leave a Trail

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Make a trail of eggs or lollies so each kid can find his or her own Easter basket.

Open the Mail

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Just as your kids leave cookies for Santa, have them leave carrots for the Easter Bunny the night before with a note from the kids. Then The Bunny can reply in the morning.